Start lists are published

Start lists are published. You can find them on the each Stage page or here all together

Start lists  are done with seeding taken from Initial Seeding list for Trailo WRE

Strongest competitors start first in all competitions – with some wild cards and adjustments for special requests.

Beginners have free starting times: go to the start whenever you are ready.

We plan to publish bulletin with detailed information on Friday morning.
If you have special needs feel free to email


2 Replies to “Start lists are published”

  1. Please note that I cannot arrive in Palmanova from my flight until about 1030 hrs, so will be late for my start at 1023 hrs. Sorry.

  2. OK Charles, don’t worry.
    If you asked for a late start in the entries and we missed it, you can go to start whenever you arrive.
    If you didn’t ask for a late start you most probably will go at the end of the starting field.

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