Stage 3

15th july – Bosco Romagno ECTO #6


ECTO #6 and Italian Cup (part 3 of 3)

08:30 – Event office opens  at “Bosco Romagno” strada di Spessa, 19 – 33043 Cividale del Friuli (UD)

Geographics coordinates: 46.032228, 13.455640

09:30 – Start race #3

at the end of the race – ECTO #6 prize giving ceremony and global results of Coppa Italia.

Preliminary technical details:
Terrain: forest and park land. Personal assistants are allowed, though the course has no difficulties.
20 controls + 1 x 3 time controls. 400 m: 72′ for all.

Map: Bosco Romagno 1:4000 – contour interval 2.5 m – new ISSOM map spring 2018

Map sample – old ISOM map
Map sample – old ISOM map

Categories: Open Elite, Paralympic, Beginners

Entry fee: 15 €  – (Free for beginners only )

Timing system: sport ident




Start list



Overall results (updated)


Solution map

Map and solutions – Beginners


Event director: Fulvio Lenarduzzi

Technical director: Alessio Tenani

Course setter: Remo Madella

Controller: Michele Cera

IT solutions: Andrea Foschian

Embargoed areas:

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Old maps

Bosco Romagno